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webinariaZarejestruj się na nadchodzące webinaria, aby w pełni wykorzystać pełen potencjał symulacji w ANSYS i płynniej osiągnąć swoje cele produktowe. Udział w webinariach jest bezpłatny.

UWAGA: webinaria prowadzone są w języku angielskim.


Ansys GRANTA EduPack Case Study: Selection and Sustainability of High-Temperature Aerospace Materials

11 czerwca 2020r., godzina 17:00

In this case study webinar for academics, we will explore high-temperature materials, in particular nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys and technical ceramics, for aerospace and automotive applications. Inspired by an industrial research conference presentation, we have studied the suitability of ceramic turbine blades as alternatives to metal alloys for aerospace and automotive applications. We will describe the selection procedure in detail and compare the result with the currently used Inconel 713 superalloy. We will also discuss how environmental and sustainability aspects can be included in this case.

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Ansys Mechanical 2020: Extending your company's structural and thermal FEA capabilities beyond the CAD-Embedded FE Tools

12 czerwca 2020r., godzina 12:00

FE simulation is widely used by engineers to gain insight into the structural, vibration, impact and thermal performance of components, sub-assemblies and systems. In fact, the availability of FE simulation tools embedded within CAD software has driven this adoption and raised awareness of the power of simulation to optimise the design and increase confidence whilst saving time.

However, for certain projects and applications, there can often be a requirement for FEA capability beyond that offered by the CAD-embedded FE tools. Whether it is a need for increased fidelity in non-linear material or contact definitions, more control on mesh settings or a host of other complications, then the Ansys Mechanical simulation software delivers a solution to extend your company's structural and thermal FEA capabilities.

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Addressing Structural Challenges Through Design Exploration

16 czerwca 2020r., godzina 17:00

Structural assemblies are often very intricate with complex interactions between components, which are challenging to manage in traditional simulation applications. In this webinar we will explore design iterations through upfront Ansys Discovery simulations to optimize performance and durability. Discovery can reveal relationships between components that will help you identify maximum deflections and areas of stress concentration.

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Advanced Topics for Electric Machines: Magnetics

16 czerwca 2020r., godzina 13:00

Electric machines are being used in more and novel applications throughout the world, driven by the need for greater power efficiency and higher power density in the transportation, aerospace and defense, and industrial automation markets. Electric machine designers are exploring design alternatives to reduce cost, optimize designs and deliver them quickly to market.

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Addressing Challenges In Nonlinear Contact Analysis Through Simulation

17 czerwca 020r., godzina 8:00

Contacts are widely used to simulate the complex interactions of parts and assemblies under field conditions. Contact, a changing-status nonlinearity, can lead to highly nonlinear behavior and requires significant computational resources to solve. Contact parameters play an important role in achieving high simulation accuracy and smooth convergence behavior. It is important that the analyst understands the physics of the problem and invests the time to set up the model to run as efficiently as possible.

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Parameter Autotuning and Optimization for Automotive

17 czerwca 2020r., godzina 17:00

In this webinar, it will be explored a smart, strategic approach for the automatic assignment of parameter values, so only relevant variables are used in simulation. Ansys optiSLang applies advanced algorithms and numerical capabilities for optimization, uncertainty quantification, robustness evaluation, scenario variation and sensitivity analysis. With Ansys SCADE and Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™, the parameters can be integrated with model-based embedded software and simulation that considers all driving scenarios and physics in a closed-loop environment. Using this approach, engineering teams can quickly and affordably identify the root causes of even the most sophisticated functional limitations. 

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How to solve Complex Phased Array and Going beyond Radar Cross Section using Ansys HFSS

18 czerwca 2020r., godzina 8:00

Antennas and phased arrays are the precision determining factors in communication and detection, especially in the aerospace and defense sector. Most of the antennas in this sector are complex and must meet stringent specifications due to complicated operating conditions on aircraft, ships, spacecraft, etc. In this webinar we will provide a brief description of Ansys HFSS and how it is used to design complex antennas. We will discuss how to solve complex antennas with new 3D component array technology, which uses fewer computer resources and takes less time. We will also cover hybrid solver technology inside HFSS (FEM, IE, PO, SBR+) to address installed antenna problems. Finally, we will demonstrate how you can use HFSS simulation to validate radar performance and to check the detection capability of the system.

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Combining Parametric Modeling with Design Exploration

18 czerwca 2020r., godzina 16:00

In this framework Ansys Workbench enables powerful parametric modeling, including bidirectional interfaces to major CAD programs. Workbench’s process automation and job control helps update the designs. optiSLang’s process integration enables direct integration with any additional parametric modeling environments and external CAE codes. Easy-to-use sensitivity study, optimization and robustness evaluation are enabled by predefined workflows. In addition, optiSLang now has a user-friendly connection to Electronics Desktop.

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Modern Day Methods Demonstrated on Classic Forms

18 czerwca 2020r., godzina 17:00

For years engineers have enjoyed the relative ease of connecting their CAD geometry with their analysis tools. But what do you do when a CAD model of your structure does not exist? How do you take data from a scan and use it in a finite element analysis? This webinar shows you how to: convert scanned data from a classical Greek statue into a solid model using Ansys SpaceClaim, load the geometry into Ansys Mechanical and run a structural analysis, use SMART technology to determine if a crack will propagate should the statue be exposed to an extreme loading environment like an earthquake, use Ansys Workbench Project as a template to easily analyze variations in the statue form Solve for large models using Ansys Cloud with just a few quick mouse clicks in Ansys Mechanical.

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Electronics Design for Manufacturability (DfM): Avoiding Failure After Reflow

18 czerwca 2020r., godzina 17:00

In the electronics industry, the capability of manufacturing suppliers greatly impacts the quality and reliability of any product. Manufacturing issues are one of the top reasons that companies fail to meet warranty expectations. Both process and design can play critical roles during manufacturing, while design for manufacturability (DfM) typically remains overlooked in the design process. Many manufacturing and assembly-related issues can be avoided with a proactive DfM approach.

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Simulating High-Speed (Compressible) Flows Using Ansys Fluent – Subsonic to Hypersonic

19 czerwca 2020r., godzina 8:00

Simulating compressible flows from low subsonic to hypersonic speeds requires choosing the right solver, parameters associated with the solver, domain size, physical models, etc. In this webinar, we look at the various options available in Ansys Fluent to solve compressible flows and share best practices for obtaining faster and accurate solutions. We also present a variety of case studies that demonstrate subsonic to hypersonic flow simulation solutions.

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Ansys Mechanical 2020: A faster, easier and more productive solution to solve your company's toughest structural and toughest FE simulation applications

19 czerwca 2020r., godzina 12:00

Ansys Mechanical is Ansys' flagship product for advanced structural and thermal FE simulation. Trusted by thousands of engineers around the world, it delivers functionality to move companies beyond CAD-embedded FE solutions through to addressing their toughest simulation applications.

Loaded with an ever-increasing set of advanced simulation and HPC capabilities but delivered in a highly productive, easy-to-use GUI environment, Ansys Mechanical allows advanced FEA to be done faster and easier across the team from multi-tasking engineers to "FE analysts". Due to this compelling mix of functionality and productivity, more and more companies are turning to Ansys Mechanical for their high-end FEA requirements.

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Enhancements in Ansys Fluent Multiphase Modeling

23 czerwca 2020r., godzina 8:00

Reliable and accurate modeling of many industrial processes requires accounting for interactions between two or more phases. The simultaneous flow of phases in a domain is called multiphase flow; some examples include conversion of crude to high-value petroleum products in a refinery, combustion of coal to generate energy in a power plant and combustion of gasoline droplets in an internal combustion engine. The successful design of equipment and processes that involve multiphase flows crucially depends on accurately predicting the mechanical, thermal and chemical interactions between the phases. This knowledge can aid in scaling up and retrofitting existing equipment as well as improving processes.

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Electric Machine Design — an Electromagnetic Problem?

23 czerwca 2020r., godzina 11:00

Is electric machine design an electromagnetic problem? This webinar looks at the concept design of electric machines and demonstrates how design decisions are enhanced when multiphysics analysis is used when compared to only electromagnetic analysis.

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Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Development and Reducing Your FEA Preprocessing Time

24 czerwca 2020r., godzina 8:00

Ansys Mechanical users continue to solve highly complex engineering problems faster and more efficiently than ever before, with geometry and meshing playing an integral part in the computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation process. Generating accurate geometry and creating the most appropriate mesh remains the foundation of engineering simulation. The accuracy of geometry and meshes influences the reliability, convergence and speed of simulation. Furthermore, the time required to prepare and mesh a model often consumes the time to arrive at a CAE solution. Therefore, automated, industry-proven preprocessing tools deliver enhanced and expedited solutions.

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Handling Rapid Model Changes with Ansys SpaceClaim Scripting

25 czerwca 2020r., godzina 8:00

Designing an optimal product requires the generation and testing of various geometries. The geometry scripting option in Ansys SpaceClaim is a great way to automate repetitive tasks or reduce a complicated workflow to a single mouse click.

The recently introduced geometry scripting environment in SpaceClaim eases common geometry-related tasks. More specifically, it is a simple way to record or write a set of commands that will automate repetitive tasks or make complicated workflows easy. It also extends the user interface to create otherwise impossible geometries by expanding the range of what you can do with geometries. From replaying recorded changes on imported models to parameterizing variables only thought possible in a feature-based system, scripting is a powerful ally in making smart, robust geometry.

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Listen to Your Simulations with Ansys

25 czerwca 2020r., godzina 17:00

Join us for this seminar which spotlights the important role that sound plays in product design considerations. Product sounds are closely related to perceived quality of a product but are very subjective. We will discuss how sound is generated in various product use scenarios like impact, vibration and flow-induced and how they can be simulated virtually. We will then discuss how we can quantify sound and its perceived quality to compare and study several “what if” scenarios to make better product design decisions. 

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Rapid Electric Motor Design — Evaluation of a Permanent Magnet Motor Against the Performance Specification

29 czerwca 2020r., godzina 11:00

This webinar demonstrates how Ansys Motor-CAD can rapidly evaluate a candidate interior PM machine design using multiphysics analysis against the complete specification, including continuous torque/speed characteristics and drive cycle efficiency.

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