ANSYS Elite Channel Partner

Simulation is more than software

We help our Clients to design better, more innovative products through simulation in ANSYS software. We also implement ANSYS technology basing on Clients projects, we provide technical support for ANSYS users along with the wide range of courses and trainings.

ANSYS Polska

We are ANSYS Elite Channel Partner in Poland. In practice it means that we are competent partner and not just a software or service provider. ANSYS is the leader in numerical technologies allowing users to solve very complex problems fast and with great precision.

Since 1994r we provide engineering simulation services. Our advantage comes from not only experience and the best simulations software on the market – it comes from the attitude. We don’t just provide the results but the knowledge that helps to develop our Client’s products and technologies.

All of our courses are being done by the professionals with the experience needed to meet various challenges of our Clients. We provide open courses, custom trainings, consulting. MESco is training about 700 engineers per year

With us you will make a better products


Better understanding the product

Simulations allows to better understand both the existing products and the one being designed. At the very beginning of the project we could see what and how to change to make the final design better. It allows us to move beyond the intuition toward new quality.


Avoiding the mistakes

ANSYS Technology provides very precise results which allows us to avoid design mistakes even at the very beginning of the product development process. What’s more: we can simulate almost every type of test, abnormal situation, or just normal  working conditions of your product.  


Making better decissions

Scope and precision of the knowledge we gain thanks to simulation allows for making much better informed design decisions.The results are better products, technologies and processes which constitutes  base of the market advantage 

What is the cost of simulation?

There is no standard price list for simulation. Each project is evaluated individually basing on the level of geometry complexity, solving time, number of models, etc. Valuation is free and non-binding .

Why is it worth to do simulation?

Thanks to simulation we save time and money while at the same time we increase product competitiveness. Simulation will make us understand interdependence of various product parameters that leads to much better decision making. In the end our Client’s products and technologies are more innovative and are on the market faster. 

How long does it take to implement ANSYS?

Independent work in ANSYS is a matter of few weeks. ANSYS Workbench is intuitive and easy to understand. Understanding the simulation, the physics itself and the results – that’s another story. This is why MESco offers full implementation process with custom, project-based training plans and consulting. This engineer-to-engineer type of work allows for very efficient know-how transfer. 

Why ANSYS? Why MESco?

ANSYS is a global leader in numerical technology. It basically means that It’s implementation is profitable because ANSYS have real influence over the process of product development and on the quality of the design itself. MESco, on the other hand, is doing simulations since 1994. That means that we have knowledge and experience that allows us to meet even the most difficult challenges.