About MESco – Engineering Simulation specialists

» About MESco – Engineering Simulation specialists

We are enthusiasts who turned passion into a profession, helping our clients design better products, technologies, and processes using ANSYS technology. In every aspect of our business, we aim to be a partner — and not just one of the clients’ providers. A combination of ambition, passion, and creative thinking helps to create a unique work environment, allowing us to engage in the most advanced and difficult of projects.

Our goal is simple — to be the best on the market. Our vision is the driving force seen in each and every action we take, often far exceeding our original intentions. We have released a manual (Polish) about engineering CFD simulations, we have our own technical journal MESsenger (Polish) and are organizing an annual conference for engineers and academics, focusing on a simulation called SYMULACJA.

The major pillars of our business are: 1) ANSYS Implementation; 2) TRAINING and TECHNOLOGICAL SUPPORT; and 3) ENGINEERING SIMULATIONS. These components support and complement each other creating for our clients a true synergy effect. We are the only Channel Partner of ANSYS in Poland with the status “Elite”, confirming that our business model focuses on the clients.

ANSYS Software

Sales of ANSYS software make up a large part of our business along with numerical software like Rocky DEM (Software that is using innovative Moving Particle Semi-implicit method). As we use the software we sell, we have very practical and user-centrist pre-sales consulting. We invest a lot of time and effort to understand the client’s product and its development process, which allows us to configure an optimal set of tools.

We offer a full portfolio of ANSYS software for structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic, optics, and critical systems simulations.

Engineering simulations

Our basic tool is ANSYS software – the most powerful numerical technology on the market. This gives us a market advantage as we can simulate physical phenomena within a range, accuracy, and speed, all of which are simply inaccessible to others.

Since 1994 we have had the opportunity to help develop gas turbines, car chassis, mining equipment, electronics, military equipment, heart implants, to mention but a few. Products are not our specialization – SIMULATION is!

Training and technical Support

Training and post-sales technical support are key elements in the implementation process of any software, in other words, the foundation for efficient utilization of software capabilities. Our motto is “Simulation is more than just software”. Our technical support goes above and beyond what is typically regarded as support as experienced engineers, who use ANSYS everyday at work, provide our clients with up-to-date training and technical assistance. Our goal is to transfer practical knowledge of our team to the client. We support both large corporations like General Electric, Rockwell Automation, Danfoss, etc. as well as small- and medium-sized businesses.

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