Engineering Simulation Sevices: CFD, FEA, DEM

» Engineering Simulation Sevices: CFD, FEA, DEM

ANSYS gives us a huge advantage over our competitors: We can do more, faster and with better precision. Adding to that, an experienced team of engineers, we have the best of two worlds. Our core services consist of ENGINEERING CONSULTING, TECHNICAL SUPPORT, and TRAINING.

Consulting: FEA, CFD, electronics, Digital Twin

We are not focused on any specific type of product or code (VDI, Eurocode, etc.); instead, we specialize in simulation as a tool to solve engineering problems. Since 1994, we have helped build skyscrapers, cars, planes, military equipment, power stations, trains, and so much more.

Most often, we are involved in:

• parametric and topological optimization,
• design development – “What if?” simulations,
• destructive test simulations (fatigue, crash, etc.),
• project verification basing on a provided code,
• analysis of emergency states,
• design changes verification,
• and much, much more…

Our work may result in a set of suggestions to improve: the design (numerically speaking); sensitivity analysis to given parameters; assessment of compliance with the project’s assumptions; and assessment of final design performance.

design optimization

ANSYS training, courses, implementation programs

Our team at MESco is very experienced at simulation. Participants of a training get so much more than just someone who reads from a training script. They get an engineer who will help them to start working on the problem using the proper methodology. Our courses courses can be of several types:• open, available to all courses for beginners and seasoned engineers,

  • open, available to all courses for beginners and seasoned engineers,
  • custom-made trainings — training topics and duration is determined by the client,
  • training on the job – training based on client’s project, where the project is realized partially by the client and partially by MESco team,
  • implementation program – process of know-how transfer from MESco to the client’s team.

The general goal of trainings is to transfer know-how from MESco to the client’s engineering team. Our approach has made us successful and famous for the amount of effort we put in our training program. See what trainings we have in our offer right now.

Technical Support

Our clients hold us in such high regard for a number of reasons. One reason is our approach to technical support. It’s far from your average support.

Support is neither restricted by time nor scope. We do not just answer the questions, but we make sure that the question itself as well as answer are well understood. We proactively seek to make ANSYS users well aware of ANSYS capabilities, its available methodologies, and its techniques in order to assure optimal use of ANSYS software.

Our clients can share their model with us (with most of our corporate clients we have signed NDAs) or use available means of communication so we may get to know what the problem is. Doing so lets us know exactly what the user is trying to achieve, so we can show the best way to do it.