» Introduction to CFD simulations with ANSYS Fluent

Introduction to CFD simulations with ANSYS Fluent

Duration: 2 days

Price: 450,00 EUR/NET


Entry, Geometry and Mesh for CFD simulations trainings are recommended beforehand.


The aim of this training is to learn basics of numerical fluid flow simulation. The course is based on ANSYS Fluent or ANSYS CFX as well as CFD-Post software. During the course trainee will learn how to define fluid flow analysis, starting from physical models, boundary conditions, material definitions up to solver setup and post-processing results. Each of those steps will be described in detail and the best practises will be shown for each of the steps. The course offers wide range of typical applications e.g. natural and forced convection, radiation, rotating machinery and turbulence modelling. After the course trainee will know how to build the mathematical model for the fluid flow simulation, based on numerical mesh, perform calculations and post-process obtained results.

For whom?

The course is dedicated for those who would like to learn modern approach for supporting the engineering process, but has never worked in ANSYS CFD software. Basic knowledge of fluid dynamics and heat transfer for problem definition is required. Training does not include the geometry and mesh creation. Those topics are covered in Geometry and Mesh for CFD courses.Agenda:

  • Introduction – advantages of CFD analysis, simulation steps,
  • ANSYS Fluent/CFX interface and basic functions presentation,
  • Materials definition,
  • Boundary conditions,
  • Post-processing,
  • Solver setup,
  • Turbulence modelling,
  • Thermal model,
  • Best practises.


19-20 May 2021 09:00 – 17:00 CEST