» Ansys Mechanical Scripting ONLINE

Ansys Mechanical Scripting ONLINE

Duration: 2 days

Price: 600,00 EUR/NET


Intermediate, basic Python programming is advised.


The goal of this training is to tech how to work in ANYSY Mechanical using Python commands. While working on simple cases, methods of adding and modifying analysis tree will be shown. Advanced cases will be walked through as well, to parametrize entire analysis and automate result processing. Training covers reading/writing data from/to text/Excel files.

For whom?

Training is addressed to users, that are familiar with ANSYS Mechanical environment and have basic Python programming skills. For users without any Python skills, we offer self-paced Python introduction prior to this training. Cases from „Practical applications part II” can be individualized (prior to the training, to some extent, price may be affected).Agenda:

  • Basics
    • Working from the command line
    • How to run a script
    • Buttons and snippets
    • Using API and accessing the objects
  • Commons
    • Materials
    • Units
    • Logs
  • Working with analysis tree, geometry, and mesh
    • Geometry
    • Mesh
    • Selections
    • Named Selections
    • Prep objects (Path, Surface, CS, Connection, Joint …)
    • Load objects (Force, Pressure, Support …)
    • Analysis configuration
    • Post objects (Result, Probe …)
  • Practical applications part I
    • Creating own modules, libraries and using them from Workbench level
    • Reading/writing data (text and Excel)
    • Creating plots and changing legend settings
  • Practical applications part II (select 3)
    • Predefined „Fine Mesh Zones” for fatigue models
    • Creating contacts using deck/support structure example
    • Positioning models in space and creating joints
    • Creating and saving results from Solution Combination
    • Modifying surface model based on change list
    • Complex cases of loading


27- 28 May 2021 09:00 – 17:00 CEST