MESco HotSpot Toolbar for ANSYS Workbench

MESco HotSpot Toolbar is a tool-set, created by MESco engineers, for fatigue verification of welded components made from steel and aluminium. The tool is invoked within ANSYS Workbench environment and then work is proceed in the Mechanical Simulation. The bank of functions from MESco HotSpot Toolbar appears instead of Analysis Wizard.

Toolbar works in every mechanical license of ANSYS (even in most basic licence - ANSYS DesignSpace)


The toolbar has function to:
- The definition of characteristics and locations of the welds
- Preparing proper Mesh
- Definition of the load events
    - Rainflow Counting for Variable Amplitude (NEW in v1.15.07)
- Grabbing the results of the paths
- Creating automatic reports with the results
    - Weld details,
    - Fatigue life,
    - Factor of safety,
    - Portion of damage,
- Basic GUI version is in Polish
- English or German versions on demand


Current recommendations of IIW International Institute of Welding were implemented, but the toolbar can be easy customized to client's standards.


Standards which refer to weld calculations with HotSpot method:

  • IIW Report XIII-1539-96/XV-845-96, Recommendations for Fatigue Design of Welded Structures; June 2002;
  • HSE; 1995, Steel tubular structures;
  • BS7608; 1993, Code of Practice for Fatigue Design and Assessment of Steel Structures;
  • PD5500; Specification for Unfired Fusion Welded Pressure Vessels; 2000;
  • EN 13001-3-1, 15. Krane - Konstruktion allgemein - Teil 3-1: Grenzzustände und Sicherheitsnachweis von Stahltragwerken; August 2010;
  • BS EN 13445-3 2009 Unfired pressure vessels - Part 3: Design (Originally);
  • BS EN 1993-1-9:2007 Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 1-9: Fatigue;
  • DNV-RP-C203 "Fatigue design of offshore steel structures" April 2010;
MESCo HotSpot Toolbar is based on an open architecture of Workbench combined with the know-how of MESco engineers. It is also small example of ANSYS software customization for individual needs.

Similar to the Polish version of the ANSYS Workbench GUI, the MESco HotSpot Toolbar is provided free of charge by MESco for holders of commercial licenses with active TECS.
We also regularly lead trainings
the welding assesement introductory course based on ANSYS program.